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About Us

Rob Bell Fencing is a small, dedicated business specialising in hedgelaying, fencing solutions, and other countryside activities. Our main area of operation is in the South Cumbria, Lancashire & North Yorkshire areas, although we will travel anywhere in the North West of England.

Robert Bell started in Business in 1988 as sole trader doing hedge laying & relief farm work. Gradually, he moved into fencing as well steadily growing the business. In 1999, his wife, Clare, became a partner in the business, forming RH & CL Bell. Staff and turnover grew, and in 2015, the business changed to Rob Bell Fencing Ltd, with both Rob & Clare as directors.


A fence should be an asset to a farm
Fencing is the main part of the business, with jobs from replacing the odd post in a garden through to three years contract with the Forestry Commission, local estates and utility firms.

We offer a complete service, which includes standard stock and deer fencing, otter fencing, horse fencing, post and rail, and electric.

Ever striving to improve the fence, we now use high tensile wire and encourage our customers to invest in long life or Creosoted timber. It is important to look at the longevity of the fence, so that both the client and contractor can be happy with the finished product for years to come.

We also offer Domestic and Equestrian Fencing
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Hedge Laying

Hedge-laying is the foundation stone of the business and is a real passion of Rob’s. With 5 class wins at the National Hedgelaying Championships, and dozens of competitions won locally, the company is on top of the game.

Laying a hedge isn’t just about making it look good at the time, but about creating a sustainable habitat for wildlife and a living barrier for livestock. The act of pleaching the stem encourages the regrowth and it is our aim to make the hedge better to lay for the next man in the years to come.

The company prides itself on being able to do jobs from the likes of a small task in a garden, to 15 kilometres carried out in one season on the side of the motorway network, to a local farm hedges.

The style of hedgelaying local to the company is the Lancashire & Westmorland style. This consists of a double brush, double staked hedge 2ft 6inch wide and about 3ft high. It should be nicked to the ground with the heels removed off the back of a stem, and cuts should be covered with feather (small twiggy bits). If the hedge is on a bank, or “cop”, then that may also need repairing.


Seasoned hardwood logs from sustainable managed woods in the local area. Cut, split, and delivered to suit your requirements.

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Tree Felling

Big tree or little tree, we have the solution. Fell, saw, and split, or just fell and leave it for you. Call or email for a quote.

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